FSEA’s Valentine Dance

On February 14th, 2013, the Friendship Southeast dance crew and Ms. Murray (dean of students), held a Valentine Dance. Students got to dress up for $1.00, but they had to either wear red, pink, black or white clothes. There were two dances, Pre-k-2nd grade and 3rd-5th grade. At the preschool-2nd grade dance, there were some kids who felt passionate when they danced and sang to the music. Some kids flipped and moved like they were Chris Brown. Shadawn Fleming, Kamal Jones, Kayla Myers, Jenese Johnson and I monitored the kids, while Phylicity Brown played the music. Makaya Kennie helped Phylicity with the music.

Ms. Murray sold Valentine gifts and treats. At the 3rd-5th grader’s dance, Officer Petty and I took photos. She took them with her tablet, and I took them with my phone. Dionel Grice and Ms. Baynard took pictures too. We had big groups of kids dancing. I was also dancing. Thanks to our amazing dance crew and Ms. Murray, preschool-5th grade had an amazing dance.

Ms.Murray and The Dance Crew:
De’Nyjah Griffin
Jenese Johnson
Kamal Jones
Makaya Kennie
Phylicity Brown
Shadawn Fleming
Kayla Myers

De’Nyjah Griffin is a fifth grade student; Dionel Grice and Sean Beach are fourth grade students at Friendship Southeast Academy.