FNN Goes To Puerto Rico: Day 5

India, Noel and Jonay on the beach

India, Noel and Jonay on the beach



For the first time since we’ve been here, we had a relaxing day, no work, just relaxing. We woke relatively late to get breakfast at the hotel we’re staying in. We drove around town taking pictures of the many tourist attractions and the beaches. We went to Sun Bay Beach where we kayaked and snorkeled, but the snorkeling part didn’t go so well. As India and I were snorkeling a jellyfish stung her and she broke out hives and began to itch and burn all over her back. She was rushed immediately back to the hotel where she received help from Ms. Kaufman and a local.

Since India was under the weather, only Stephanie, Jonay and I went to the Bio Bay, and that’s where the real magic happened. There are three bio bays in Puerto Rico. This unique bay contains 720,000 bioluminescent flagellates per gallon! The half plant, half animal life creates a bluish glow when agitated at night. Our bio bay guide referred it to being tickled.

The bio bay was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It was overwhelming, incredible, magnificent, intoxicating, fascinating. It was the most astonishing this I have ever seen in my life. You can see your every stroke (of the canoe paddle) in the glowing water. You could see little glowing fish swimming to the surface. The bio bay is the most bewitching sight I have ever seen.

After the bio bay we all go out to Lazy Jack’s restaurant and bar, where we enjoy virgin daiquiris and Mexican food.

I go straight to my room and pack—reminiscing on the times I had in Puerto Rico.

- Noel Spencer, sophomore, Friendship Collegiate Academy.

Today, I woke up and had an amazing breakfast at my hotel. The weather was great and I was able to share it with my friend Jonay. After breakfast we all went to Vieques National Wildlife Refuge and learned about the animals in the sea. Then we went to the beach and enjoyed ourselves. I took a lot of amazing photos of the beach and I also made a video of the beach of Jonay, Noel and India in the water. I was able to rest a little on the beach and listen to my music. Later we had lunch at Belly Button's. After lunch we went to another beach and I took pictures of Jonay, Noel, and India kayaking and snorkeling. It was funny watching them. I think all the girls enjoyed their day. Later on, Jonay and I packed our clothes so we could be ready for the airport the next day. 

- Stephanie Spencer, sophomore, Friendship Collegiate Academy.