A Day At The 50th Anniversary March


AUGUST 28, 2013.  In the morning I heard the news on TV about the Martin Luther King 50th Anniversary March. After I heard about it, I got up and got in the shower. I got out the shower and put my uniform on. After that I said in my mind, “I can’t wait to go to school so I can go on the field trip to the march.” Then I put my school supplies in my book bag and went out the door. I left early because I was so overjoyed to go on the field trip. I got on the bus and I saw somebody from my school and he was also happy to go. In class we talked about it until we left. At the march, I saw different kinds of people wearing Martin Luther King shirts. I also saw Barack Obama shirts. Barack Obama, different presidents and Martin Luther King’s family were there. When we got to the March, we walked around and after that we saw important people speaking. Some of the people were Bill Clinton, Oprah, Barack Obama and Jamie Fox. They talked about what happened in the first march fifty years ago. Barack Obama said that there were many different kinds of people in the march. Obama also said that if it wasn’t for Martin Luther King and the people in the first March and Martin’s speech,  he would not be in the White House. 

Jahru Gathers, Friendship Blow Pierce Academy.

Early Wednesday morning I washed up, brushed my teeth, got dressed and ate breakfast. I waited until my brother came to pick me up for school. On the way to school there was more traffic than usual, but I did not care. I was ready and excited for the field trip. When I got in the school building I ran upstairs to my homeroom. After that I went to my locker and I put all of my stuff in there. I went into the classroom and read my book. Then I went to decorate a poster for the march. A few minutes later it was time to go. I got on the bus. On the bus I talked to my friend right beside me. I ate a little snack from my lunch bag. Finally we were there. I saw a lot of people from all over the world!!!!!! There was a big crowd!!!!!  It was so hot I had to take a sip of my juice. Then our trip leaders had to figure a way for us to get through security and see the 50th anniversary speakers.

We finally found a place to watch…. YESS!!!!  I was happy to see Jamie Fox. When Jamie Fox came on stage and spoke, he spoke from his heart instead of reading from a paper. When Obama came on the stage there were a lot of people screaming. What I learned from Obama was that Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t die for the sake of fame. He spoke his mind about what black people wanted. He also helped the United States get rid of segregation. We didn’t get to hear all of Obama’s speech because we had to leave. It was so crowded we could barely get out of the Mall.  Finally we got out. Then we got on the bus and left.     

Ronay Wells, Friendship Blow Pierce Academy.