Eagles Care


January 16, 2013.  Ms Girelle, our teacher showed us an email she received about hurricane Sandy and how it had affected Maya Faison’s life. Maya is a member of the Global Kids program in the Laurelton, Queens, New York area affected by the hurricane. As soon as we heard about the devastation we decided to take action. As we looked more into the email, it stated that they would like a donation. As a result, we decided to do a fundraiser for Global Kids. One thing we noticed is that our after-school programs are busy helping others, not just at our school, but everywhere.

Students and staff at Friendship Woodridge showed gratitude this year by giving unwrapped gifts to kids who were not able to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas. Another program that helps the less fortunate is Girls on the Run. Ms. Uptain-Villa, is the coach of Girls on the Run and she says that it is an international program to help girls in grades three though eight build self-esteem and learn about being happy inside and out. This school program raises money to help girls all around the world buy uniforms so that they can go to school. They just completed their third season and are planning to start the fourth season in March.

On December 20, 2012, FNN did a fundraiser to help youth with what they went through after hurricane Sandy. As a result of the hurricane their houses, personal items and their community were destroyed. The program that introduced us to this cause is Global Kids.  Global Kids is a nonprofit educational organization for the youth. It helps them gain knowledge, skill and experience in global affairs. We wanted to do the fundraiser because the story of Maya touched our hearts, caught our attention and made us want to help. Our fundraiser was called  “Gourmet for a Cause”. The money raised by FNN will help with their needs. It will give them a little bit of money to get their community and their life back on track. Through a partnership with Harris Teeter and a donation from Trader Joe’s we were able to get the materials needed to make our fundraiser a success!

Eagles are not only aware of what is going on around them, but what is going on everywhere. Like an Eagle we have vision and we will never let anything pass us. We soar, Eagles care!  

Cierra Harper is a 7th grade student at Friendship Woodrige Academy.