FNN Goes to San Antonio


The amazing city of San Antonio, Texas!  Home of epic historical artifacts, interesting food and many different faces. We have traveled here to experience life here in Texas while also going to conferences and workshops to help us gain more on topics we may be interested in. (Broadcasting and newswriting!) The members of our FNN News Team who contributed to this experience were Katherine Baker, Stephanie Spencer, Ny'Jah Warren, Gladys Keitt, Angelique Dove and Ms. Kaufman. Now, to learn more about our crazy adventures and experiences, read the articles below. Hope you like them!  
- Ny’Jah Warren


The Plane Ride
November 15, 2012. When we got on the plane I was really scared because it was my first time on an airplane  After a while I was not scared anymore because my teacher told me stories about her family while we were in the air. When I  looked out the window my ears popped and I saw the clouds. On the second plane I wasn’t scared anymore. I closed my eyes and didn’t wake up until we made it to San Antonio,TX. When we got to  the hotel, we all went to our rooms and  went to sleep because we had a long day. The next day our teacher, Ms.Kaufman took us to a nice place to eat because we had a long day.  

- Gladys Keitt


The Journalism Convention

November 16, 2012. We came here for the Journalism Education Association Convention in San Antonio. When the FNN crew visited the convention center there was lots of workshops and beautiful art.  All of the girls went to hour long sessions to gain knowledge on topics like broadcasting, phone journalism and publication pride. We talked to many college representatives, entered contests and took pictures! LOL! The overall experience for us all was educational and lots of fun. We really enjoyed it.  
-NyJah Warren


There's No Where to Go But Up!

November 16, 2012. It’s a bird. NO it”s a plane. NO IT’S CHART HOUSE!
The 750-foot-tall tower Is a great place to travel to while in San Antonio, TX. It has a great view of many historical landmarks In San Antonio. And you readers may think well how do I know all this? And the answer is, “I had the awesome experience of going to Chart House”. My first time was very scary. As I looked out the elevator window, I thought that I would fall out and just faint. But I had to come to my senses and just calm down. When  I finally got to the 75th floor of the restaurant,  I realized that I was very lucky to have this once In a lifetime experience. So to all the readers out there I want you guys to check out CHART HOUSE and also go to San Antonio Riverwalk, But that’s another story........
- Angelique Dove


Our First Experience at Chart House
November 16, 2012 was our first time going to Chart House restaurant at Tower of the Americas. The restaurant was very elegant and upscale. And the food was delicious! We all enjoyed ourselves, ordered our favorite foods and conversed with each other. Our waiter recommended a few of their fine dishes, and informed us about San Antonio and its landmarks. We had a great time during our first experience at Chart House in San Antonio, TX. We had a great view of the city on the 72nd floor of the tower.Our waiter informed us on all the important landmarks in San Antonio. We learned a lot about the city. We had a great view of the city from our table.  None of us knew that San Antonio had so many important landmarks. We all learned a lot on this trip, and we hope to come back soon.
- Stephanie Spencer


River Experience
Novermber 18, 2012. The Riverwalk of San Antonio, Texas. We explored the city on a boat with red benches and seats, blue paint along the sides and a one-of-a-kind tour guide. I learned about the unique culture, construction of famous buildings and artists who used their creativity to form religious sculptures and murals. The food from the eateries grasped my attention when I realized that many of the restaurants had riverside seating, which allowed for interaction between those on the boats and those out enjoying a meal. The scenery was extravagant. The vegetation was colorful and I found the plant structures caught my eye on several occasions. The people were humorous and delightful. San Antonio has history.
- Katherine Baker

Ny'Jah Warren and Gladys Keitt are freshmen; Katherine Baker, Stephanie Spencer and Angelique Dove are sophmores at Friendship Collegiate Academy.