Harvard and Yale Are The Best!


PHOTO: http://newspaper.li/harvard-yale/ 

February 28, 2013. Colleges are great places to go to get an education. Some people may be homeless because they didn't go to college. Several colleges are really neat, but some can be just faking—meaning that some universities may not give you the education that you paid for. That’s why I have plans to go to Yale or Harvard. I chose those two colleges because I am an extremely smart person. If neither university accepts me, I would just go to a college that would. I know I have to pass elementary and high school first before my dream comes true.

In the first paragraph, I mentioned Harvard. Harvard University is located in Cambridge Massachusetts if you have any thoughts about going there. Did you know that President Obama went to Harvard University? Did you know that the famous rapper Common also went to Harvard University? Harvard is a great school. Over 27,000 students attend Harvard University and I think they are loving it too. Harvard University has buildings that total about 1.4 million square feet. That’s a huge university!

Yale is located in New Haven, Connecticut. Yale is the third oldest institution of higher education in the United States.Yale wasn’t always called “Yale”. The original name was “Collegiate School”. They changed the name to honor Elihu Yale the governor of the British East India Company. Did you that in 1861, the graduate school of Arts and Science became the first U.S. institution to award the PH.D.?

I had a fun time telling you about Harvard and Yale and why I want to go there. I hope you all had fun reading my story.

Marcus Barbour is a 6th grade student at Friendship Blow Pierce Academy.