The Inside World of Uberstrike


January 25, 2013.  If you are reading this—just to let you know—Uberstrike is a gaming website. To me, Uberstrike is more than a game. To me, it is war. When I play, I’m living the game…watching my enemies’ every move and when they let their guard down, I strike. The object of the game is easy. It’s to shoot your enemies, to gain points and to buy gear and guns. It is very addictive when you first play the game. You feel on top of the world—like nothing can stop you. That is until someone shoots you. Then you want to get that person back, make him your friend, learn from him and then use his skills against him and have fun.

When I get on Uberstrike, I feel like the best player ever—shooting everyone I can as fast as I can with any weapon I can. It’s incredible.

When you play Uberstrike, you feel like every time someone kills you, you have to get revenge. That’s what makes it such an addictive game. Another reason why it’s so addictive is because the more you kill players, the more money you get. And Uberstrike always wraps around the surroundings of the year. So if it’s December the website will come out with a Santa Claus armor suit. They come out with new weapons and not just guns every month.

Harmful Effects of Uberstrike
Now let’s talk about the bad things about Uberstrike. I believe lots of kids tend to become more violent in their attitudes and behaviors after playing too much from this game. When children play too much from this game, they might get addicted to it and spend less time on studying. When children become addicted to Uberstrike, they might also spend less time going out for exercise and other activities. Some people who play Uberstrike may influence bad behavior and offensive languages to other kids and children on Uberstrike.

Military Usage
I read a report in the TimeRecord News about “two groups of airmen between the ages 18 and 24 who played the game, Portal 2 to learn to adapt to change in their situations. The airmen played the games over a two-day period for six hours each day and were tested on their cognitive adaptability before the game playing sessions, during breaks in game play and after game play.” The results of the study will be used for the Department of Defense to train service members across military branches. Gina Johnson, deputy director of Training Operations for the 82nd Training Wing at Sheppard Airforce Base, called the video game study exciting and said her office is constantly looking for tools that can be used to train airmen.

Other Suggestions
From what I have read, Uberstrike is fun and addictive but there are other alternatives for fun—like playing with your friends outside and having fun with nature. If you still want to play on the computer, go to websites like onlive, coolmath, a123a123, mostfungames, nick, cartoon network and more. Make the right choice.

Jalen Green is a 7th grade student at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.