The Queen of Soul


PHOTO: Aretha Franklin in the 1960’s 

This is part of the FNN series, Black Legends on the Rise.

February 6, 2013.  Aretha L. Franklin (born March 25, 1942) is the queen of music. Franklin was a musician, singer, songwriter and a pianist. She sung gospel, jazz, blues, R&B, pop, rock and funk. People called her “The Queen of Soul” in her early career. Franklin is known as one of the most important ladies in the soul music genre. That’s why she was called the “ The Queen of Soul”.

In 1966, Aretha switched to Atlantic Records from Columbia Records. At Atlantic Records she sung songs like “I Never Loved a Man (The Way Love You)”,
(“ You Make Me Feel Like”) A Natural Woman”, Think”, “Chains of Fools” and what later became her signature song: “Respect”.

After a brief lull in 1969, Franklin recorded many new records that are still popular to this day! Aretha’s beautiful singing helped her to achieve her success. Later on in the years, when Aretha grew older, she started to sing gospel.  Aretha Franklin is now 70 years old and people are still listening to and loving her music.

Aretha Franklin is an inspiration to me because she followed her dreams and did not let anyone get in her way. She reached for the stars and made an impact. I hope that I too will be just as good as her later on in life. Aretha Franklin is my leader .....This is why I love her...!

Janvier Richardson is a 6th grade student at Blow Pierce Jr. Academy.