From Tech Prep to Curry College


MARCH 18, 2014.  On February 10, 2014, the Tech Prep 11th graders went to Boston, Massachusetts for college tours and to help the juniors of Tech Prep expand their interest in colleges. Curry Collge caught my attention the most because when you get there they welcome you with open arms and make you feel like you’re home. I am considering Curry as the college I’ll attend in Fall of 2015.

Curry College was founded in 1879 as a private 4-year, liberal arts-based institution located in Milton, MA. Curry is about seven miles away from downtown Boston. The legacy of Curry is based on 2 things: respecting individual uniqueness and building success. They offer 20 undergraduate majors, over 65 minors and concentrations, as well as four graduate programs. They have an 11:1 student/faculty ratio. Seventy percent of their students receive financial aid.

During a presentation, they told us the typical college “to-know” stuff and why their college is different from all the others. One thing that stood out to me was that our presenter told us that the campus has a homey feel and everyone is close and knows one another. At most colleges, people don’t know each other and there definitely isn’t a homey feel. When we began our tour of the campus, it was quaint and most definitely had a homey feel. As we walked through the campus, many of the students said hello to us and our tour guides. After arriving at the lunch area, we got to see first-hand what it was like. Everyone was sitting together and talking. Those passing through spoke to everyone and then kept going their way. At other schools you most definitely wouldn’t see everyone together. While walking through the campus, I could see myself attending Curry and being a part of their community. Curry definitely left a lasting impression. I’ll be applying there for next fall.

Students come to Curry because of what is offered and how Curry could benefit them. Students like Amber, our tour guide chose Curry because of their great majors. Our tour guide, Amber, applied to Curry because she knew by the time she became a sophomore she would be doing hands-on work in clinics. Amber, told us that applying to Curry was one of the best things she’s done. Applying to Curry College can definitely benefit you.

They offer undergraduate programs like:


Business Management


Community Health & Fitness

Criminal Justice


Environmental Science

Graphic Design

Individually initiated Major

Information Technology

Integrated Liberal Studies



Politics and History



Visual Arts

Reina Tindle is a Junior at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.