FNN Goes to STEMosphere Sharefair

Produced by FNN 5th grade Saturday Learning Camp reporters Kemiya Peeples, Jamyah Lofton, Korayem Carter at Friendship Southeast Academy with help from their teacher Stephanie Montalvo and FNN producer Desiree Girelle.

MARCH 19, 2014.  We are Friendship Southeast Elementary Academy Kindergarten-5th grade. We are going to tell you about our trip to George Washington University to the Share Fair in Washington,DC. It was a windy and sunny Saturday in 2014.There were lots of people, and stations with lots of great activities.The students created things with marshmallows, straws, spaghetti, popsicle sticks, clay, paint and more materials.

My name is Kemiya Peeples I had fun at the college. I did a lot of things. Here is one of them. We had a chance to make anything we wanted out of marshmallow and not cooked noodles and I made a box. I also made a toy for dogs in need out of colorful cotton strings and then I braided the string. Then, there’s your dog toy.

My name is Jamyah Lofton. One of the experiences was called drunk driving! It’s not really what you think. We had these goggles that made our sight blurry and weird looking. So then we put them on and had to walk on a straight line. It was really hard! We still had the goggles on and drove a remote control car through cones. I crashed into a lot of cones. The lady said, “Pretend the cones are people’’. If they were, I would have killed a lot of people.Then she showed us smoker’s lungs and good healthy lungs.The smoker’s lungs were small and black.The healthy lungs were big and red.

Our names are Korayem Carter and Camari Thompson. We did great science things like made rocket balloons and river goo made out of borax, food color, water and glue. We made rubberband-powered airplanes. We help the doll kids breath with CPR and heard them breath with a stethoscope.

It was a great day and we learned lots of things. It was fun. Maybe we could consider choosing George Washington University as our college.

Kemiya Peeples, Jamyah Lofton, Korayem Carter and Camari Thompson are 5th grade students at Friendship Southeast Academy.