C’mon Spring Fever!


APRIL 22, 2014.  Still wondering why snow is coming down in the spring? It’s a bit strange that we have snow in March. Right? Never fear! Believe it or not it’s really spring time. Although you still have to wear your coat in the morning, spring should be on its way here. Just think warm sunshine and flowers blooming in the sun-sweetened grass. Everything is awake and getting ready to keep going throughout the year.

Since spring has already officially started, it shouldn’t be too far behind. A bit late yes, but still coming! We had a couple of on and off days, with warm weather for about three days then winter chills. But, reports say that the long awaited warm weather is on its way! It’ll be time to put up the coats again for next year and bring out a few short sleeved shirts.

And the annual Spring Break! Hopefully the weather is warm enough to lounge around the whole week if you aren’t too packed on homework. Between the warm weather and a wonderful break after testing, you should be smiling by now. Now that testing’s over you should be able to enjoy the springtime.

Then again, some of you out there have those dreaded allergies and can’t enjoy it. Well, just take the medicine and try to live through it. The sun and cherry blossoms are too good to miss. The April Showers are guaranteed to make May Flowers from the glorious sunshine that’ll last until Fall again this year. Just can’t wait for that Spring Fever! I can feel it coming on.

Brianna Wiggins is a 7th Grader at Friendship Woodridge Academy.