Hooked on Crocheting


APRIL 22, 2014.  I just recently learned how to crochet. I know it might sound so mundane at first, but when my art teacher first introduced it to the class, I said to myself, “This is crazy. Boring! I really don’t feel like doing this old lady knitting stuff at all.”

Now, I think it’s actually cool. What I’ve noticed is that some of my classmates try their best to make others feel bad for doing something that is out of the ordinary. I say to them, forget what everyone else says and just crochet away!

Like many other art forms, crochet is something that has been dying out, as with making beaded necklaces. I think a lot of people wonder why anyone would even want to get started on a crocheting project, because nowadays you can easily get trapped down on the internet, cable reality television shows, social media or sitting on your cell phones.

Besides, today the average person can rush to the closest mall or store and buy whatever they need rather than making it themselves. Well, I’m 13 years old and I’m here to say that I love to crochet thanks to my art teacher Mrs. Winston. I absolutely think that there is nothing wrong with making it a new hobby. In fact, for me, it's a form of therapy rather than sitting up on the phone pouring out your sad stories to a friend.

I have begun making all of my friends and family members small gifts and saving my cash for something special I can enjoy. Now my friends enjoy receiving handmade presents that are unique and one of a kind. I tell everyone that crocheting is not just for old ladies anymore once I show them all of the cool colorful items I’ve made. It's fun for anyone who likes to do it! However, I do have to say that crocheting is not a hobby for people with short attention spans. The crafter needs to have a clear head so they won’t get hopelessly lost. For now, I’m going to keep at my new hobby. And maybe one day soon, those who are turning up their noses at knitting will one day see my work in department stores and be hooked on my new designs.

Genae’ Seagers is an 8th grade scholar at Friendship Woodridge Academy.