Let’s Go Eagles, Let’s Go


APRIL 22, 2014.  “ W-O-O-D-R-I-D-G-E It’s Woodridge Eagles!” says Friendship Public Charter School Woodridge Cheerleaders. On Saturday, March 22nd, the Friendship Woodridge Lady Eagles Cheerleaders reported to the school at 8 o’clock am for hair and make-up. As they sat patiently in line, six parent volunteers placed MAC, Revlon and Loreal lipstick, eye shadow, blush, mascara and eyeliner in beautiful colors to match their blue and gold flawlessly. All you could see walking back and forth were eighteen flopping ponytails and bright gold ribbons placed in their heads.

As the girls hit the floor one final time to practice their moves and last minute flips and cheers, the girls noticed that Coach Beckwith began to tear up. One of the girls asked her what was wrong, and she said that she was just so happy to see all of the girls had finally gotten themselves together as far as teamwork and moves. “At that moment, I saw something very special and unique in this team, and I knew that something GREAT was about to happen to them! I just knew it.” says Coach Beckwith.

As the competition began, the entire team sat with confidence—ready to perform. They were also nervous, but looked absolutely stunning in their school colors. When the other teams started performing, butterflies filled their tiny stomachs even more as they cheered their opponents on. Moments later it was Woodridge’s turn to blow everybody away, and that’s just what these girls had come to do. When the announcer called Woodridge as the winner, all you could hear were screams, cheers, clapping, and all you could see was tears filling the eyes of so many friends and family members in the stands.

What a big hooray for these second-time champions. After months of hard work and late afternoon practices, The Lady Eagles stepped up their game and did their best to place 1st place in the DC City Wide Cheerleading Competition. “Hard works pays off,” says 8th grader Genae Segears, varsity captain of the cheerleaders. “There is nothing more special than to win something you have worked so hard for as a team! We are all WOODRIDGE!”

Myja Miller and Shaniah Gillison are 7th graders and Genae Segears is an 8th grader at Friendship Woodridge Academy.