Titans Still Working Hard In The Offseason


APRIL 22, 2014.  The offseason is an important time for high-school sports. It’s the best time for improvement and player development. Putting in work while your competition is taking off is a great way to get an edge over them. After ending our season early this year many of our student athletes are using this time to take their games to the next level. A week after the season ended I had a brief conversation with Coach Jenkins about the offseason. He told me that to improve, you first have to reflect on your game’s weaknesses, and find ways to improve on them. “You have to progress from year to year, you can’t come back the next year as the same player or worse. Then you’ll be left behind.” Let’s see exactly how some of the Titan athlete’s are getting prepared.

Quincy Harris:

“I have two personal trainers for the summer. They should help improve my dribbling and footwork. That way next year I will be a more reliable ball handler.”

Aneenas Davis:

“I’m doing skill training and offseason workouts, trying to improve my ball handling skills and footwork so I can be a better dribbler and be able to score in the post.”

Kyree Perry:

“I’m training, working hard, lifting weights, doing push-ups and trying to get stronger. I’m practicing moves and trying to get my vertical leap up.”

Alex Lemons:

Alex who plans to play football next year says that he must use this time “to focus on getting better”. He plans on improving by trying new football drills.

Eric King:

“During the off-season I plan to spending most of my time improving on my jump shot. I want to work on making my release quicker and more accurate so I can be a more valuable piece to the team. I also plan on getting into the weight room to build up my overall strength.”

As you can see our student athletes are working hard to improve on their games. In the end we want to continue to get better for next year.

Eric King is a sophomore at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.