Are You Ready For Boot Camp… Tech Prep Style?


APRIL 22, 2014.  Recently Tech Prep got introduced to the idea of Titan Bootcamp. What is bootcamp most may ask? Well it’s an intensive study session to help prepare students to be proficient/advanced on tests. These students are already really close to becoming proficient/advanced. This program helps give students that extra push they need to be successful. The purpose is to make sure all students are at least proficient on the DC-CAS and to be prepared for college and rigorous classes like AP.

Right now it is only for 8th and 10th grade but the goal is to expand. It’s only for these grades because 1) they had the highest number of students who were really close to proficient/advanced and 2) these grades are critical in students’ careers. Eighth grade is right before you get to high school and tenth grade is when the DC-CAS really matters and the year before you take your first SAT. It is required for students who were put in it and surprisingly most students enthusiastically embraced it. So far this program has been proven to work, 2 out of the 3 top scores on the Mock DC-CAS are currently in Bootcamp.

Ms. Tindle, principal of Tech Prep, came up with this idea of Titan Bootcamp and says there’s been various versions of this, but this one is the best yet. Everyone who partakes in this is benefiting. Teachers are benefiting because they’re growing as professionals. They get a chance to reteach common lessons that were previously missed and they can go over data analysis with other teachers. The current 11th grade teachers are in charge of the bootcamp. Ms. Poisson in charge of the ELA part and Ms. Burgener is in charge of the Math part.

Titan Bootcamp will continue for the rest of the school year but only on Saturdays. Also this is a program that will continue at Tech Prep.

It was recorded that students who participate in Titan Bootcamp spend about 6 extra hours in the building outside of their classes. Students in bootcamp also receive a lot of incentives for example dress down days, free admission to school events, and field trips.

Rhonea Long is a sophomore at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.