Tech Prep Titans Will Rise With New Football Team

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APRIL 22, 2014.  Tech Prep high school students are looking forward to an upcoming football team for next year. The sport itself will offer many opportunities for students to enjoy an extra curricular activity that helps maintain good grades. Students who participate in any extracurricular activity are expected to maintain at least a 2.5 GPA. This helps to prepare students who are on the the road for college. Plausible football coaches will be Young Men of Valor instructors Mr. Collazo and Mr. Shakhan. Currently they are awaiting a response from the Friendship Athletic Department to give the “thumbs up” on whether or not our school is eligible to have a team. Both Mr. Collazo and Mr. Shakhan have experience playing football in college and are eager to train Tech Prep scholars for the upcoming season.

It seems the most excited students ready to play are the 11th graders. Even though there’s a few of us, we keep the spirit alive by playing football after school on the turf or football field on days that provide good weather.

Both Mr. Collazo and Mr. Shakahn work during the day and you’ll catch them after school most likely instructing tutoring or Young Men of Valor for further information.

Michael Wood is a junior at Friendship Tech Prep Academy