Monday April 14: Beach Party!

Travel journals and photography by FNN Collegiate and Tech Prep reporters Katherine Hunter, Rhonea Long, Katrina Smith, Noel Spencer, Stephanie Spencer and Jonay Veney.

We awoke excited about the day ahead us! We showered, dressed and went down to the hotel’s restaurant for breakfast. I indulged in another delightful vegetable omelet. We arrived at the San Diego Bay dock and boarded a vessel called the “America”. This magnificent sailing vessel is a replica of the 139-foot yacht (AMERICA) that won the historic, Royal Yacht Squadron’s “100 Guinea Cup” race around the Isle of Wight in 1851. It was a beautiful vessel! Before we boarded the “America”, the captain instructed us about regulations and safety guidelines. Once at sea, we did see an “Inky” whale. When compared to other whales, this whale was small in stature; nevertheless, it was a huge whale! The whale was gray with silky smooth skin and had a small fin— clearly a baby whale. It swam up and down trying to get our attention. This guy was definitely a performer. Then he disappeared into the choppy sea water. After whale watching, we went to Belmont Park Beach. This park was very much like a carnival, with a wonderful beach. We enjoyed several rollercoaster rides, games and bumper car rides.It was the first time that I had ever controlled my own ride.

- Noel Spencer


Today is April 14th 2014. Today we went whale watching out in the Pacific Ocean. I got a chance to see two whales. That's not something I probably would ever do again, but i know it’s something I could never forget. Later that day we went to Belmont Park. It was like a carnival on the beach. I got on a few roller coasters and played a few games. I won myself a stuffed zebra. We ate dinner there, got on a few more rides and then it was time to go. We went back to our hotel rooms. I packed my bags because that was going to be our last night there and went to bed.

- Jonay Veney


Our morning started with everyone going whale watching. It wasn't really fun to me because we did not see any whales and I also hate getting on boats. Once we we came from whale watching we all went to Belmont park. This was fun because we got on a lot of rides and we went to the beach at night. That was fun because in DC most of the pools close at night and that beach didn’t.

-Katrina Smith


On Monday we went whale watching and to Belmont Park. During the whale watching I got seasick and did not see the whale. Boy was I upset. If I didn’t get sick, it would have been a great experience other than not seeing any whales. Then we went to Belmont Park. We got turned around trying to get our tickets and vouchers. Once we got that straight we went to have fun. We drove bumper cars, got on rides, played games and I got a bracelet made. We ate at Belmonty’s which was pretty good. I got chicken tenders (which you can never go wrong with). We also had a voucher for a Dole dessert. After we did that we walked around a little then went to the beach. We just walked on the sand because the water was cold and it was getting dark. Then we left. After we got to the hotel I packed most of my stuff because I didn’t want to do it in the morning. Then we decided to go to the pool at the hotel, which was our late night move again.

-Rhonea Long


Today on April 14, 2014, we ate breakfast at the hotel and we all talked about the day we had before. After breakfast we went whale watching. I had no idea what to expect but I was very excited. Once we got there we took pictures on the boat and then we got on board! Everyone on the boat were very nice and we all talked to each other while we were on the boat. Once the boat started sailing, the captain told us all about the different types of whales and told us jokes. The workers provided us with snacks and beverages. I enjoyed it at first but as we started going further out in the ocean, I started to feel seasick. I hated the feeling, so I wrapped myself in a blanket and talked to one of the ladies in the boat. Once we got back to land, our driver took us to Belmont Park and we had so much fun on the different rides! We ate our food and then went on the beach to enjoy our view.

-Stephanie Spencer