Tuesday April 15: Our Last Day In San Diego

Travel journals and photography by FNN Collegiate and Tech Prep reporters Katherine Hunter, Rhonea Long, Katrina Smith, Noel Spencer, Stephanie Spencer and Jonay Veney.

April 15, 2014 was a bittersweet day. A part of me was ready to leave San Diego and a part of me wanted to stay. While we were eating breakfast Jonay, Noel and I were discussing our trip and thinking about the good times and funny times. After breakfast we went back to our hotel room to finish packing our bags. At 11:30 a.m. we left for the airport. Once we got to the airport I thought we were going to miss our flight but we made it just in time! We got on the plane and had a safe, peaceful flight back to Dulles airport. Once we landed we called and texted our parents letting them know we made it back safely and that we were on our way to Collegiate.

Stephanie Spencer


Today is April 15th. Today was our last day in San Diego. We all met up in the hotel lobby to have breakfast with each other. We went back to our hotel rooms to make sure everything was packed. We left the hotel around 10:30, and got to the airport around 11. We waited for about 35 minutes to go through security. We had enough time to charge our phones and get something to eat. Soon as our plane took off, I went to sleep. I am happy I got a chance to visit San Diego, but am glad to be home.

- Jonay Veney