Instagram Is So Addictive


JUNE 9, 2014.  Most people these days usually have some form of social networks account. Social networks are a popular form of online communication. In the age of technology, it’s not surprising. Even kids have something like Kik or Instagram. You know what? That’s where the problem lies. Many children take their photo, then make a comment next and post it online for the world to see. Usually it’s harmless, but it would only be completely harmless if there weren’t certain people in the world—or even in your neighborhood.

The entire system is what drags in the kids—taking a cute photo of a vacation or where you are every 20 minutes or a tour of your friend’s home. Some children don’t know how to stay safe online with apps like Instagram because they are “pressed to get likes on their pics”. The idea of following someone online in hopes they’ll follow you back is appealing. In addition, the idea of having plenty of fans is nice. But every now and again it’s more like “Notification: You have +1 stalker following you.” People don’t notice this too often, especially if you’re a young and naive child posting from in front of your school. The dangers are out there, so be careful.  It’s a shame nowadays that we rate our popularity by the number of picks a person has.

New Comment: Stay safe online, no matter how addictive.

Brionna Wiggins is a 7th grade scholar at Friendship Woodridge Academy.