What’s COOL this Summer...DC POOLS!


JUNE 9, 2014.  Splish, splash! Yelling, screaming, laughter, nothing but giggles in the air. These are the sounds that you hear when you think about swimming. Well, if you live in DC, you don’t have to wait any longer. The official opening date for all of the pools is June 23rd.  For now, all outdoor pools and spray parks are now open only for weekend operations since the Memorial Day Weekend. Full summer hours beginJune 23. That’s only a couple of weeks and just in time for the summer. Many schools in the city will just be ending for the summer, and there is no better way to cool down then to jump into a large pool of cool water.

There is so much to do with all of your friends. For instance, diving and doing double dare you flips, sliding upside down, and seeing who can do the longest handstand underwater is just so much fun! I really enjoy the people watching and all of the latest bathing suits. I’m looking forward to seeing the orange, pink, yellow, turquoise, blue, and green nail polish on all of the feet in flip flops. Sunglasses, beach towels, and refreshing drinks to quinch your thirst. It’s all about being cool and  hanging out in the pool. Summer is just that time of year for having fun and enjoying time with friends, and what better what to do it than going for a swim.

So, whether you’re trying the escape this year’s summer heat, or just want to relax and have a nice time in the open air, nothing beats a refreshing dip in a nearby pool.

Christian Taylor is a 7th grade scholar at Friendship Woodridge Academy.