Talk about College Netflix’s Latest Craze: “GREEKS”

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JUNE 9, 2014.  Everybody is watching Netflix these days. It’s as if the entire season of Walking Dead, Boondocks, Breaking Bad, or just about television show is there to catch up on. Well for now, it the college show called “Greeks” starring Spencer Grammer as “Casey Cartwright”. 

In schools today, teachers are always talking about going to college and thinking about the future, and administrators are constantly singing the song about University this and College that, but what they fail to realize is that being in elementary /middle school is the only thing that is we can relate to. College seems so far away and it’s difficult to understand the day and life of a college student. On Fridays, we’re allowed to dress down in jeans and wear our favorite college t-shirt. This seems so crazy when we know very little about college life, just the fact that we are told that it’s where we need to go to in order to be successful. Also, whenever assignments are submitted late, I hear you need to start thinking about your future.

Now all of these questions can be answered by looking at all of the seasons of “Greeks”. I love watching this show because it’s very interesting. It shows you the purpose of going to college and all that it has to offer for real, and not all of that baloney that adults tell you. For example, on just one episode of “Greeks”, I learned how students have to balance their school work, personal life, family, and finances. I learned so much from this television show about real life situations involving roommate problems, registering for classes, failing a class, dropping a class, how much it cost.  On another episode, I learned that roommates can be very rude, sneaky, and dishonest. There is so much boyfriend drama on this show, it’s unbelievable. 

Besides that, I never knew about all of the parties. It seems like there is a different type of party almost every day for some reason or another. It seems like each sorority and fraternity is partying and celebrating for just about anything. Also, there are a ton of games such as hockey, field day events where the fraternities compete against other fraternities at the school. I learned about the sorority life and how competitive they are. From the social mixers, to the exclusive events, and special privileges that are allowed for its members, college is more than what is told in schools. So, if you want to learn about the ins and out of campus life, then this is definitely the show to watch.

Keishaw Davis is a 7th Grader at FPCS-Woodridge Campus.