A Poet's Inception

Poem by Compton Wright. 

Stuck within the dreams that I produced for myself as I created this world with no thoughts

Of never leaving this place or letting anyone inside my perfect paradise that full of poems

Constructing the worlds interlining with my mind’s insanity of believing that reality never

Existed and this imaginative world that I made for kings and queens of poetry can come

Share their masterpieces and open and free minds while breaking away doubts and fears

Making everything possible for anyone to become what they dream of since day one but

People are telling that my eyes are playing tricks on me and tell me to come back to us as

They tried to wake up from this unrealistic mindset thinking that this world will be purified

No more bloodshed over the countless wars of several differences of confusion and ignorance

No more corruption that slides out our government’s mouth and no more greed to obtain…

Just Equality and Peace from all sides of the world and cooperation into making a perfect world

But that’s what not here in this life called reality as all I see is just vile vulgar evil simply growing

Evolving into a cunning, persuasive, and chaotic figure that lives inside everyone’s soul to express


So I put myself into a deep eternal sleep into Limbo as where I make my home for now on as I don’t

Need no awakening from the dangers and pain that follows through people’s actions and thoughts

Leading to drama, gossip, revenge, and suffering toward other human beings that are considered

Weak and worthless simply because they won’t join them in their own insanity and madness that

This world made pure examples from Beheading people as sacrifices to death penalties on innocent

People who have been judged for another person crime and wrong doings…this is why I escaped

This is why I’ll never wake up and stay here in my own world in my dreams of a bittersweet world


Knowing that all of this isn’t real but it’s better than what was made in our lives today… as change

Is needed, faith is needed, peace is needed and forgiveness is needed for all of us to move forward

So as I lay here…stuck in a never ending paradox that I continue to bend and twist at my own will…

It’s not the same…this place became my prison as maybe I can make a change and save this world

Bring its blueprints and formulas to make my dreams into reality than I can truly be free from it all

As if I continue to be a dreamer with no action to show for it than my dreams will become deferred


So with the revelation that came to me in a blink of an eye from looking at my metropolis…as I take

My fall from the tallest building that I ever created into my poetic pavement…I awoke from what

They called an asylum for 20 years…but nothing surprises me when I look out my bedroom window

The chaos stayed…so did the hope of harmony…I guess to have dreams and desires…hardships must

Follow behind it; in order for love to become stronger…I guess hate must exist in order to express it

I had to face facts and reality’s cold truth…Dreams can only go so far within reality’s laws and rules


As that was my kick into what my mind works on now…but I’ll never give up on my blueprints

My poems will cause a change in this tide of our generation to wake up from their stupidity and

Finally create our metropolis with no problems nor disagreements but only perfection and peace

As I may woke up from my inception but my eyes will forever be embedded in my dreams I have

As that will be world, this life, and this soul that I possessed will continue to follow by forever as

Even with a spotless mind I’ll still have fragments of my metropolis being created by poetry…

Dreams never die unless the dreamers allow it to do so…so tell me…what will you do?! Will you

Keep them alive and follow their voices and desires or will you…awaken and forget it all?!