New Tech Prep Building Opening Summer 2014


November 11, 2013.  In the current Tech Prep building all of the classrooms are cramped, teachers don’t have their own classroom and we don’t even have a real cafeteria. But, by summer of 2014 Tech Prep’s new building should be completely built. An open house will be available before the school actually opens so we will be able to preview it.

So here’s what’s going to be in the new building.There will be two academies: engineering and environmental science. This will only be for high school students. Most students will start in the environmental science academy. In this academy, students will have more freedom of choice in regards to what classes they would like to take. And they will be able to experience rigorous science classes. To get into the engineering academy, students will have to “apply”. There will be a test to see if students can qualify to get accepted. It’s no guaranteed acceptance to the engineering academy. Since these two academies are career academies, there will be internship and research opportunities.

Best of all, all teachers will have their own classrooms. New classes will be available like AP US History and AP English Composition and Writing. High school students will finally be able to take classes like PE, art and music. Writing classes will be available and Ms.Tindle will try to keep FNN going here at Tech Prep. There will be a smart lab and media center. Unfortunately driver’s ed classes won’t be available.

The classrooms will be large. The building will have well over enough space to hold all the students from grades 6-12. The top floors will be for the high school and the bottom floor will be for the middle school. Currently there is no plans for the building we’re in now.

A parking garage will be available to all of the teachers. They will be able to enter with a card entry. Unfortunately students won’t be able to use this garage. They will have to park on the street. It is a possibility, however, that students will be able to use the parking lot already existing at the current Tech Prep.

I think this new building will be a big success since it will be much bigger than the current Tech Prep building. Hopefully when it opens everything will work and there won't be any complications.

Rhonea Long is a sophomore at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.