Samsung Chromebooks vs Apple Ipads



At Tech Prep there are many devices that we use to “get connected”. But the two main devices are the Apple iPads and the Samsung Chromebooks. There’s so many differences between the two, but which one is better and more convenient to use? According to the Samsung Chromebook is better. It is more reasonably priced, in the range of $249-$329. It has a screen size of 11.6 inches which is 1.9 inch larger than the iPad screen. Google support is available 24/7 to help with any problems, plus they have a 3-year extended warranty. The Chromebook also has two USB ports and a four-in-one memory card slot. As far as storage, it has 16GB, plus 100GB with Google Drive. It is compatible with media that uses Adobe Flash to display it. It is easier to use and share the device with others. iPads are meant to be personal and therefore don’t allow you to take extra steps to protect your work when it is used by an unknown party. Updates are automatic on this device. Even though it takes a second to hit “update” on an iPad, it is slightly less time consuming on the Chromebook. Since iPads are meant to be personal, any personal customization made to it when only appear on that iPad, but on the Chromebook anything that is customized within your account can be displayed on any Chromebook.

On the iPad is seen as slightly better. Despite the assumed bias when looking at the URL, this site looks into the features that the average consumer thinks about when buying. The iPad’s battery is considerably longer, with ten hours of battery life while the Chromebook holds only six hours. The iPad is better for travel, weighing in at 1.5 lbs, while Chromebooks are 3 lbs. The more recent iPads connect to fast LTE networks. This means wifi doesn’t always have to be present. But Chromebooks with cellular devices max out with 3G connection. iPads with cellular connectivity has GPS, which comes in handy if you need to track down your device. It also has the back-facing camera, allowing the consumer to capture memories at all times. The Chromebook camera is only good for portrait and communication.

To get the opinion of actual consumers, I interviewed Tech Prep fellow student, Trayona Lawrence and teacher, Howard Simms to see which they preferred.

Which do you prefer: iPad or Chromebook? Why?

Trayona: iPad—because it’s easier to navigate. You know with Google you have to sign in to copy and paste but with iPad you just click on it. You have to go to tools to spell check but on iPads you just tap the word.

Mr. Simms: I have never really used an iPad and I just started to use the Chromebook, but since I like Android, I would probably be more partial to Chromebooks.

Are there any major differences between the two?

Trayona: Yes. With Chromebooks you have to press alt to copy and paste and you have to be signed in to do it. You have to sign in to do everything.

Mr.Simms: I know I said I probably wouldn’t know because I don’t really use the Apple technology. But my perception was that they are pretty much more comparable than they used to be. I think Google Chrome is trying to catch up to corner the market. I really don’t know but I probably would say that Google Chrome would be the application or device of choice in the future.

How do you think those major differences strengthen or weaken the design?

Trayona: It took me longer to figure out how to work Chromebooks, but the iPads are easier to navigate.

Mr. Simms: Well, again what I will say because it changes so frequently that Chromebook is more difficult to use. Here's an example: When I had my new Android upgraded about a month ago and I had all my favorite feature, my places, my GPS, Google...everything. It was all sweet and nice and working well. I know your question is more about Chrome, but I put it all together, all the Google stuff. It upgraded automatically and everything changed. It doesn’t work like it used to. It didn’t become better. It became a lot worse and not only that there was no way of knowing about the changes. I had to go online and when I looked it up I saw people had the similar problems. It would’ve been nice for Google to say, "We're making some updates," and then saying how it would affect you instead of just coming in and changing things.

My personal opinion based on experience is that Chromebooks are better for people who have multiple desktops. If I use the iPads in school I am not always able to finish my work at home because I don’t have the same type of software. But Google Chrome can go on Apple, Microsoft, Chrome and other devices. I didn’t get to interview all of my peers about this topic, but I would love to hear your opinion. You can vote in our poll or leave a comment below and let me know how you feel.     

Briana Thomas is a junior at Friendship Tech Prep Academy. 

Which do you like better?